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Training hard takes hardworking gear. Worn alone or layered under shorts, these women\’s tights are designed with a sleek compression fit that supports muscles through rigorous cardio, and a comfortable waist that stays put without digging in. Flat seams protect against friction, and contrast panels down the legs raise the style quotient. In climalite® fabric that keeps sweat out of your way, plus UPF 50+ UV protection for sunny practice days.

  • 17\” inseam (size Med)
  • climalite® fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin
  • techfit™ focuses your muscles\’ energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance
  • Soft, anti-chafe elastic waistband with back yoke; Compression for body support and reduced muscle vibration
  • Side panels for flattering fit; Performance below-knee length; UPF 50+ UV PROTECTION
  • 82% polyester / 18% elastane doubleknit
  • Imported
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